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Our Vision Statement

  • The college is committed to develop a holistic teacher with major focus on quality, equity, inclusiveness and excellence through research, innovation, extension and training to enrich the school education.

Mission of the Institution

  • To enhance the quality of Elementary and Secondary Education of the state by providing quality trained teachers.

  • To serve the society in a more effective and meaningful way through community involvement.

  • To develop the college into a resource centre that could help the pre-service teachers in pursue their profession in the best way.

  • To conduct computer training program for proper use of educational technology in school education.

  • To strengthen school education system focusing on holistic development of the learners.

  • To prepare teachers for meeting the challenges of the 21st century by engaging them in a meaningful and relevant learning environment in the college campus.

  • To provide need-based academic support for the pre-service school teachers to optimize work environment in the area of school education.

  • To build and sustain a network of mutual support with peer teacher education and other institutions in the matter of school education.

Objectives of the Institution

  • Preparation of skilled & resourceful teachers.

  • Inculcation of values of citizenship, leadership, integrity, national solidarity and other national values required for being true and responsible citizen of our nation.

  • Providing training in teaching skills and acquainting them with modern trends of education and evaluation system for quality education.

  • Acquainting the student teachers with modern means of educational technology and communication system.